About WebKit

WebKit has a lot of talent in-house. Our founder has been in the professional web design industry for over twenty years, most of our team is in the Denver area, and the people that we don't have in-house are within easy reach.

We have partners who specialize in video production, flash animation and search engine optimization.

If we can't do it with our skilled staff we know people who can.

WebKit Talent

Dan Chick

In 1994 the revolutionary web browser NCSA Mosaic was released. That same year Dan started doing professional web development. A year later the Netscape browser was released. When the first book entitled "Electronic Commerce" was released in 1997 his company and software was mentioned.

Dan has developed web applications in PHP, ColdFusion, ASP, Perl, C, Javascript, AJAX and CSS. He has developed both the Mirrors and Mercury frameworks for PHP applications as well as two prior frameworks for ColdFusion development (Blackbox and CFKungFu).

He plays ice hockey, Texas Hold'em and 9-ball pool and spends some of his time as a professional fine art photographer.

Jim Hersey

Jim has built point-of-sale cash regsiter systems for a couple of decades now and knows a lot about retail.  He's also integrated POS systems into web-enabled reporting and inventory control systems.  He's our resident .NET guy and uses Javascipt and PHP as well.  

Nancy Nguyen

Nancy is a 3D animator and 2D illustrator specializing in infographics. She can help clients create animations and graphics to visually communicate their information and ideas to their. Her experience with multiple digital pipelines and softwares can be applied with pre-production, production, and post-production parts of projects. She has an amazing cat named Monster.

Theresa Lopez

Theresa is a visual artist with experience in print, branding and web design. She gets inside your project, learns your dream and helps you make it a visual reality.

Brian Chick

Our resident expert in the world of wikis, Brian has a degree in journalism a Masters in communication. He writes well, works on WordPress, runs a sports blog and enjoys a good laugh.

His legendary curling skills have taken him as an instructor to Europe, Brazil and northern Canada.