Case Studies

Here are a few case studies that illustrate how WebKit works with designers, clients and other developers:

Working With Designers

Medulla Studio

Denise Dambrackas of Medulla Studio came to us with a need.  She had created a killer design for Denver's swankiest home furnishing store and she needed a team to help her implement a store and a content management system.  WebKit created a functionality specification (to make sure we were all on the same page) and implemented the design that Denise provided to us.

The Mod Livin' site made good use of existing WebKit functionality but it had a few needs that required us to build some features just for them.  We implemented a custom color swatch management tool and let shoppers browse swatches visually when viewing items for sale.  We also extended our shopping system with a custom wedding registry tool.


IJ Design

When we told Idelle Fisher that we could take any design she brought to us and 'make it work' she was both skeptical and thrilled.  Her skepticism arose from claims that others had made previously in working with her, her thrill from the notion that she was not limited to working within the confines of templates from other content management systems. 

This particular site is a multi-sectional site with sub-navigations and several custom sign-up forms that required credit card processing.  Idelle provided cut-up HTML files that showed us exactly how she wanted things to look. When the implementation was complete her design was precisely what she had provided, her skepticism had disappeared and all that remained was the thrill!

Working With Clients

Mark Hayes
Website: Mark

Recording artist and pianist Mark Hayes has been a WebKit client for years.  When it came time to create a fresh look and  redesign his site we had him work with designer Stephanie Witherspoon.  She spent some time talking to him and learning about what he wanted to convey with his site.  We knew he wanted to preserve most or all of his content but put an additional emphasis on the online store part of his site.  WebKit presented three design concepts and after feedback from Mark implemented the one he liked the best.  

Although she is a part of WebKit it's exciting to know that Stephanie had no technological restrictions that impacted her design.  When she completed her design we implemented the files she had created without concern about how they would be implemented. Even though she works with us we are excited to give her the same freedom to design as we give our design partners!

Working With Developers

Hyzer Technologies

Chance encounters through networking put Craig Daniels in touch with WebKit.  He was just about to embark on the creation of a custom social network and was looking to leverage some existing technologies to jumpstart the development process.  Fortunately for Craig the WebKit team was rolling out just that type of product and we worked closely with him to launch this new site aims to simplify the lives of high school band directors and their bands.

Every element of our Mercury framework can be fully customized and Rick Messer provided design elements to make the site look sharp.  Craig and WebKit developed some custom features specifically for the bands and modified some of the behaviors of existing features.  iSchoolBand is now an industry leader and Craig has continued to work closely with WebKit.

Stealth Industries

Another social network running on our Mercury platform is a site for motorcycle riders run by former WebKit employee Peter Kirk.  A longtime motorcycle rider, Pete's vision is to bring together people who enjoy riding without the stigma of having to find an established 'motorcycle club'. 

Pete worked with a local designer to create the visuals for the site and has acted as director in working with WebKit to add some slick motorcycle-specific functionality like the interactive MDB (motorcycle database) and the "Garage" feature.